Popluar fishing spot in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve.



Port Elizabeth - Fishing

The coastal situation of Nelson Mandela Bay implies the many watersports, -professions and –activities that go hand-in-hand with the ocean. However, Port Elizabeth is particularly fortunate in that its warm waters are teeming with a variety of beautiful and edible fish, mollusks and crustaceans. Swimming beaches are generally rock-free, but there are many venues available to the avid angler, which offer secluded fishing from prime positioning. Fishing spots are not limited to those along the beaches, however. Port Elizabeth’s many rivers are also home to countless fresh fish, and are often more sheltered (in terms of weather conditions) than the ocean.

Fishing beaches are ideal for many different types of fishing; including fresh fishing, surf fishing, deep-sea fishing, fly fishing, rock fishing and river fishing. This allows for any fishing, regardless of whether it is for sustenance, income or recreation.

Cape Recife Nature Reserve runs along 9km of the PE coastline, and is an ideal spot from which to catch Musselcracker, Elf and Hottentot. This spot is easily accessible and within close proximity from the city centre. Fly fishing in the salt water rivers and river mouths is bound to yield an abundance of Tiger, Skipjack, Leervis and Kob.

Gamtoos River on the way to Jeffreys Bay, the mouth of this river is a popluar fishing spot.

The Swartkops River, Sundays River, Maitland River, Van Stadens River and Gamtoos River and all within one hour’s drive from the centre of Port Elizabeth, and ensure that fishermen are given the opportunity to “fill their nets” with a mixed array of different fish in the area. Catches may well include the giant Kob (Kabeljou).

25km of prime surf fishing conditions lies between Maitland River Mouth and the Gamtoos River near Jeffrey’s Bay. It is important that those desiring to fish here is able to access these sites by 4x4. Closer to the city centre, surf fishing spots along the bay include Summerstrand, Humewood, Flat Rock, Marine Drive and Schoenmakerskop.

Because of the diversity and abundance of the marine life in Port Elizabeth’s waters, this coastal city has become host to the Tuna Classic. This festival is held every year during May and has earned esteemed among come of the country’s finest game fishing enthusiasts. This event has evolved from being a solely fishing event to becoming a popular festival, including stalls, live bands and, as the main highlight being the final weigh-in in order to establish the Tuna Classic champion.

These prime fishing spots are popular because they are accessible, but remain secluded enough to ensure a peaceful experience to both residents and tourists to Nelson Mandela Bay alike.

For a local fishing club in near by Swartkops, please view: http://www.hookandreel.org/

Here is a forum to ask any question on fishing in Port Elizabeth: http://www.sealine.co.za/