Entrance to the Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve.



Port Elizabeth - Nature Reserves

Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB), is rich in cultural, historical and natural diversity. These factors combine with friendly residents, cost-effectiveness and ideal weather conditions for most of the year to create a great holiday destination.

For those who enjoy escaping the “on-the-go” of every day city living, the various nature reserves and parks in and around NMB provide a welcome retreat.

The Cape Recife Nature Reserve is 366 hectares of gorgeous coastal reserve. Cape Recife features a 9km walking trail along the gorgeous pristine beaches of the Eastern Cape. White sand is lapped by the warm Indian Ocean waves. This walk gives pedestrians the opportunity to gain exposure to the natural dune vegetation and the rocky outcrops that naturally occur in this area.

Maitland Nature Reserve is another coastal reserve. The 127 hectares of this reserve boast dense indigenous coastal forest, abundant birdlife and, of course, nature trails. The old lead mines are still accessible to hikers. Maitland’s is also famous for its giant sand dunes, which offer adrenalin-junkies a fantastic day spent sand boarding, as long as you maintain enough energy to walk back to the top of these towering mounds.

The Schoenmakers–Sardinia Nature Reserve is yet another beachfront area that stretches, as the name would imply, from Schoenmakers Kop Beach to Sardinia Bay Beach. The Sacramento Trail connects these two beaches and provides a scenic, comfortable route along the PE coastline. Because the trail runs right along the beach, it may be broken with refreshing swims, or even a picnic at one of the beaches. This 8km walk is fairly easy, and is suited to families.

The Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve is situated approximately 40 minutes from the outskirt of the Port Elizabeth suburbs. This reserve covers an impressive 500 hectares of lush countryside and is rich in indigenous vegetation.

The Nelson Mandela Bay area contains a host of fun and interesting activities for visitors, whether on corporate or leisure travel. The nature reserves are set amidst gorgeous surrounds and offer the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the environmental treasures of the Eastern Cape of South Africa.