One of entrance's to The Boardwalk.



Shopping In Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth boasts more than 20 shopping centres, giving locals and visitors plenty to do and see during their time here. Some of the main shopping centres are:

The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World
The Boardwalk is one of PE’s most significant tourist hotspots, boasting a fresh sea breeze and open air, as well as a massive water feature in its centre, which is utilised effectively for a number of different purposes.

The extensive casino is one of the Boardwalk’s main attractions, and is equipped with 802 slot machines and 21 casino tables. There are several Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s), a convention centre and a sports bar within the casino complex itself.

The boardwalk is brimming with fabulous shops and restaurants, as well as boutiques, a crèche / day-care facility for children between 6 months and 13 years of age, arcade games, go-carts, carousel rides, mini golf, bumper boats, movie houses and The Amphitheatre. There is also a fabulous market with plenty of arts and crafts to appreciate and buy.

Walmer Park Shopping Centre
Walmer Park is one of Port Elizabeth’s most accessible and varied shopping malls. It is spacious and chic, home to an array of shops, boutiques, restaurants, salons and eight cinemas. Plenty of free parking as well as underground paid parking offers shoppers flexibility and choice.

The various clothing outlets range from budget-friendly to exclusive. Fashionable attire and accessories are the order of the day. The various boutiques stock unique items from international designers.

There are also a number of fabulous eateries and coffee spots as well as 12 cinemas, showing the latest releases.

Greenacres Shopping Centre
This is Nelson Mandela Bay’s biggest and busiest shopping centre. It is also home to the widest range of eateries, clothing stores, supermarkets, furniture shops, entertainment facilities, jewellery outlets and boutiques.

Greenacres is an ideal centre for families, since its offerings are so diverse. There is plenty of free parking, as well as a number of guest houses and hotels within close proximity.

Moffett on Main
This lifestyle centre is relatively small and exclusive. Its focus is on lifestyle and the homes of its shoppers, rather than on mass consumerism. There are a number of coffee cafés and restaurants within its confines as well as a gym and a supermarket. Moffett on Main is situated on the corner of the William Moffett Express Way and Main Road Walmer. There is ample parking, both above and under the ground level.

Other major shopping malls and centres in Port Elizabeth include:

•Pier 14
•Sixth Avenue
•Summerstrand Shopping Village
•Sunridge Park
•Access Park
•King’s Court
•Circular Drive Centre
•Motherwell Shopping Centre
•Metlife Plaza
•Emerald Hill
•Cleary Park Shopping Centre
•Walker Drive Shopping Centre
•The William Moffett Expressway