The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum.



The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum was opened on the 22 June 1956 under the name of the King George VI Art Gallery, and was renamed in December 2002 and is set in the beautiful backdrop of the St Georges Park.

The collections of the NMM Art Museum are housed within two buildings, framing the entrance to the St Georges Park and consist of art from South Africa, in particular that of the Eastern Cape. Making this a fantastic place to visit if you’re an art lover in Port Elizabeth and would like to learn and see more of the artistic history of the city.

You will be inspired by the beauty of the work and learn a new appreciation for the beautiful city of Port Elizabeth. Other artworks include British art, Oriental art and international printmaking.

The NMM Art Museum has exhibitions often to showcase work from various artists or institutions, to help promote the work done by them and also providing a opportunity for individuals not so familiar with artwork to come learn more, you will soon grow an appreciation and love for art, and the history and story behind these pieces.

The NMM Art Museum is a registered member of the International Institute for Conservation, and holds the protection of precious artwork very highly. The artwork on display is a part of the history of Port Elizabeth and the country and each piece tells a tale. There is also a shop available for you to purchase gifts, cards etc to take with you as a memory of your visit to the NMM Art Museum. Post cards can also be purchased and make a fantastic way to send a message to loved ones from far away who also have a love for art, making it the perfect way for you to invite them to join you in Port Elizabeth.

The art museum offers facilities for disabled art lovers, opening its doors to everyone to come and gaze at the beautiful pieces available. Its location make it ideal for those who wish to walk through the nearby St Georges park, and is close to beachfront as well, making this a perfect addition to your days plans when visiting Port Elizabeth.

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